White Bison “Ghostbuster” expecting in Hays, Missouri

Baby bison born in Hays; more calves expected

May 14, 2018 byCristina Janney

Hays Post

The city of Hays welcomed two baby bison to its herd last week at Frontier Park.

Jeff Boyle, director of the city’s parks department, said the bison’s keeper thinks all five of the cows in the herd will likely have calves this season, including the herd’s white bison, sometimes referred to as Ghostbuster.

The bull in the herd does not exhibit any albino traits, so it is unknown if Ghostbuster would have a white or brown calf.

Rare White Deer Fawn in Wisconsin

[caption id="attachment_1007" align="alignleft" width="540"]Photo courtesy of Trent Zimmerman.[/caption]Just moments after finding the only morel of the day near a cluster of elm trees, Zimmerman and Maggie walked a few steps and surveyed the forested landscape.

Twenty yards ahead stood a tiny four-legged form shining like a full moon in the shaded woods: a white deer fawn.

The deer locked eyes with what were likely the first human and dog it had seen in its young life.

“We just sort of pulled up in shock,” said Zimmerman, 38. “What a sight.”

The fawn was standing, Zimmerman said, but didn’t try to run.

The fawn tottered on its spindly legs as Maggie, a 1-year-old Labrador retriever, walked over to investigate. Zimmerman can be heard on the video telling his dog to back off, an order to which Maggie promptly complied.

As with all young wildlife, it’s important to leave fawns where they are found. An adult is likely near and will return soon. Female deer will leave their offspring in grassy or brushy areas and return several times a day to feed them. The process continues until the fawns are strong enough to run and follow the doe.

White animals are also revered in American Indian lore.

White Bison Spotted in Park County, Colorado

[caption id="attachment_970" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Image Credit: Coleen Graybill[/caption]

Life on the Summit: Hey, Spike! writes on Graybills and white bison

by Miles F. Porter IV

It was two rare white wildlife species — a red-tailed hawk in the San Luis Valley and a bison in Park County — that brought about this week’s column.

Knowing Native American folklore about the spirituality of albino-like creatures piqued Coleen’s interest.

“I photographed both the white bison and the leucistic (white) red-tailed hawk at the end of February to mid-March. I have a thing for spirit animals, and especially animal totems not usually seen as white. They bring a deep spiritual meaning with them. I was very excited about the hawk and how unusual the sighting was,” she says.

“I have seen up to three white bison at the same time there, but never had my camera with or they were too far out in the field to photograph well,” Coleen notes. “We photographed there again just a couple days ago on our way to Colorado Springs. We will be working up a couple of new images this week.”

White Buffalo in western Colorado

Hidden near Hartsel, a spectral rare white buffalo

in The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Apr 1, 2018

HARTSEL — Life is full of surprises.

My husband Steve and I were driving to Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument when we spotted a full-grown white buffalo grazing in a field just west of the South Park hamlet of Hartsel.

Full disclosure: I couldn’t find any information about this particular creature, one of a small herd of standard, chocolate-brown-furred bison, so I’m going to speculate. Its eyes were dark, meaning it probably wasn’t albino. And since the National Bison Association’s code of ethics prohibits members from deliberately crossbreeding the American bison (Bison bison) with other species, it probably wasn’t a bison-cattle cross.

Rare Albino Squirrels of Olney, Illinois


Read about the albino squirrels from the City of Olney website

White Animals From Around the World

White Animals From Around the World

White Animals – Google Images

White Giraffes in Kenya

A villager in Kenya was herding animals one day recently when he came upon a head-turning sight. A ghostly creature with a mighty long neck was grazing off in the distance.

Upon closer inspection, the vision was revealed to be a female reticulated giraffe — tall, majestic and preternaturally white — and she was accompanied by a smaller apparition: a pale baby giraffe.

Film & Pictures of White Sacred Animals

Film & Pictures of White Sacred Animals

Sacred White Animals herald both a Blessing and a Warning Apart from the prophesized white Buffalos (which are among the most sacred animals a person could ever encounter), other rare and beautiful white animals have begun to appear the world

Elusive White Moose Finally Captured on Video

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Rare White Crocodile Spotted In Australia

Watch on Coast to Coast AM

Tourists aboard a wildlife cruise in Australia were treated to an incredibly rare sight when they spotted a mature white crocodile swimming in the water.

The ghostly reptile, believed to measure around 10 feet long and given the nickname ‘Pearl,’ was seen on the Adelaide River during an excursion by the Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise.

While the condition is not altogether uncommon in crocodiles, the fact that the creature was able to survive its childhood, when the pale animal would have been particularly vulnerable to predators, is seen as quite remarkable.