Joanna Harcourt-Smith interviews Zohara on the Future Primitive Podcast

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In this week’s episode Zohara Hieronimus speaks with Joanna about: who are the White Spirit Animals; a waking vision with a message from them; trans-species and dream telepathy; a constellation of meaning about Bear; what Buffalo said; an antidote to the human species entitlement; the alchemical teachings of Lion; the sacred purpose of each of the White Spirit Animals; restoring the local soil together; a new way of feeling and being; small acts of love matter

Uplift Your Life: Dr. Paula Joyce and Zohara Hieronimus Talking about White Spirit Animals

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Hear Dr. Paula Joyce and Zohara discussing the White Spirit Animals, Zoh’s process of writing the book through dream communication, trans-species telepathy, and the messages the animals have for all of us.

Zohara on Supernatural Girlz

Zohara on Supernatural Girlz

Supernatural Girlz host Patricia Baker and co-host PK had author Zohara Hieronimus on their show to share her knowledge of White Spirit Animals in spiritual traditions and prophecy from around the globe. All-white animals are held sacred by many indigenous