“Great Book! White Spirit Animals combines shamanism, transspecies telepathy, historic research, and native stories to show the reader why we must save the bear, lion, elephant, buffalo, wolf, and other species from extinction and how they have guided humanity in the past. A unique testimony to the close relationship between humans and animals and our ability to communicate and collaborate with each other.”

— John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author

“Brilliant visionary work that pulls humanity into alignment with our animal kin and forgotten souls.”

— G. A. Bradshaw, Ph.D., author of Elephants on the Edge

“White Spirit Animals is a beautiful and deep work of art and heart. It provides a wealth of cross-cultural, historical, shamanic, and mythical information. It is likely to connect the reader with the symbolically deep realm where dreams come from. The images and stories resonate with that place of inner knowing in us. I am enthusiastic about this book–thank you, Zohara Hieronimus!”

— Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., author of Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman

“The traditional Haudenosaunee/Iroquois view is that those in the animal world are related to us. As humans we are within the same circle of life as animals as well as trees, plants, and the earth itself. Animals and birds serve as symbols for the family clans, and the bear and the wolf are part of that. These teachings are clearly covered in this book.”

— John Kahionhes Fadden, cofounder of the Six Nations Indian Museum

“In these times of turmoil, it is critically important that we listen to the phantom shaman-animals who have stepped forward to guide us. Zohara Hieronimus knows where to find them, and she knows their language. With White Spirit Animals, she has given us an invaluable portal into their world. I implore you to go there.”

— Tamarack Song, author of Becoming Nature: Learning the Language of Wild Animals and Plants

“Zohara’s magnificent White Spirit Animals reminds her readers of the human/animal bond and its continued importance. Her book hearkens back to shamanic practices that employed spirit animals as copractitioners. . . . White Spirit Animals can teach, protect, and heal their human siblings, and in so doing expand the boundaries of what is possible.”

— Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Alan Watts Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University

“Zohara Hieronimus provides an important bridge linking modern objective science and ancient and traditional shamanic beliefs–a very useful contribution.”

— Stephan A. Schwartz, author of  The 8 Laws of Change

“I’d heard of white buffalos and that they were considered sacred. I know I’ve had a preference for white goats. I had no idea that there were other animals who could appear in the white and also be considered sacred. But that’s what I learned while readng White Spirit Animals: Prophets of Change. If you have a feeling for animals, then you’ll enjoy this exploration of these special critters.

          There are several features that makes this book unique. One is that the author introduces us to the significant humans who have pioneered in the field of animal consciousness, by which I mean communicating with the animals to realize their particular perspective concerning life on planet Earth. Secondly, we are introduced to animal telepathy and intuitive, inter-species communication. Third, but not last, we gain so much by being in the company of the author, someone who from an early age took a devout interest in the emotional and spiritual life of animals and dedicated herself to learning the art of animal communication. The book is truly a work of love.

           I may be an animal person. At a party, I notice right away any dogs or cats. I seem to feel more comfortabe getting to know them than I am approaching the unfamiliar humans that are more numerous, and speak English. I wouldn’t say I was an animal communicator, I’m much too impatient for that, but I value the idea of it, and have spent quite a bit of time practicing having a heart connection with the animal to see how it responds. My little experiments give me the basis for believing what I am reading in this book. Much of the information about the animals comes from the critters themselves, communicated directly, intuitively, to the human reporters.

           Read how the author practiced “dream incubation” as part of her program to establish intuitive communication with a particular animal species. She kept a record of these dreams, of course, and her sharing of methods may inspire you to some of your own experiments. A pure heart seems essential, as well as the intention to follow through, or put into practice the wisdom gained. Also, I should warn you, that along with the inspiring stories that will excite your spirit, learning from the animals about the pain, degradation, and other horrors we humans create for the animals will be quite depressing. The silver lining is that experiencing the level of compassionate forgiveness the animals expressed, unequaled in the humans except maybe with the Amish, may birth a new spark of hope within you.”

— Henry Reed, Ph.D., www.Intuitive-Connections.net