The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: White Spirit Animals: Prophets of Change with Author Dr. Zohara Hieronimus, D.H.L.

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Dr. Pat and Zohara Hieronimus discussing White Spirit Animals in spiritual traditions and prophecy around the globe, where they are seen as guardians of animal wisdom, each with a special purpose and gift.

White Spirit Animals Featured in InnerSelf Magazine

Photo credit: Stano Novak, CC BY 2.5

In the land where trees are called “growing people” and ancestral spirits are consulted in community decisions, we meet the White Lions of Timbavati, South Africa.

Like indigenous leaders in whose homeland other White Spirit Animals are born, here too, in Africa, Zulu elders teach that there is vital significance in the appearance of the White Lions in Timbavati at this time. As with all the other White Spirit Animals, the White Spirit Lions have come to warn us of dramatic Earth changes, encouraging us to work together in these perilous times. Protecting the Earth, as Lions have protected humans throughout time, is our noble-hearted duty.

Zohara Joins Susan Kolb on Temple of Health

This interview originally aired on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 12 Noon Eastern.

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Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine features White Spirit Animals

Watkins Mind Body Spirit is a quarterly magazine published by Watkins Books in London. Like the famous bookshop, the magazine covers a wide range of subjects from contemporary spirituality to self development and mysticism to Eastern philosophy. Each issue contains specially commissioned author’s articles and interviews, alongside the very latest book releases.

Zohara’s article with excerpts from White Spirit Animals features many photographs from the book. Read the article (PDF).

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Zohara will be a guest on Answers With the Astral Baglady

Hosted by Rev L Newman & Tom Force, the show is dedicated to metaphysical research in human potential. Listen live online Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 12 Noon – 1PM Eastern.

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Calling All Earth Guardians – Zoh’s article in Species Link Journal

Species Link focuses on our many ways of being in relationship with all animals and our natural environment. To have a vibrant and honest relationship with our animal kin and our ecosystems requires developing greater compassionate action, establishing personal, political and financial will to restore our precious earth. The entire world faces serious challenges we must respond to.

Conscious Community Magazine Review of White Spirit Animals

Review by Kayla Hancock

White animals have always been honored by indigenous cultures as great spiritual teachers. As Zohara Meyerhoff puts it, they act as a connection between the physical and the spiritual worlds, reaching out to humanity to restore balance on our planet. Meyerhoff shares sacred lore, science and her own telepathic dream experiences with readers to take a deeper look at White Spirit Animals and their role as the guardians of animal wisdom. She also tells of their importance in opening our hearts and healing the collective consciousness on Earth.

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