This book explores the author’s journey and relationship with several White Spirit Animals; namely the Bear, Lion, Elephant, Wolf and Buffalo and is based on both her own Shamanic and Telepathic dreaming and conversations, as well as numerous interviews with animal conservation enthusiasts and professionals in order to give a vibrant picture of these animal ambassadors. These shamanic animals who have been considered by many indigenous peoples to be great teachers and wisdom keepers and who, for thousands of years, have provided a sacred link between the mundane and spirit worlds.

It is the author’s assertion that these animals carry a message of, to use her own phrase, Conservation, Preservation and Restoration (or C.P.R.) for the Earth and that trans-species communication can be used to learn the lessons they have to offer.

Each animal is given a chapter containing a wide ranging account of the history, mythology, biology, astronomy, cross cultural, spiritual and even nursery aspects of their relationship with humans and also of the impact our behaviour and, more importantly, our ‘dissociation’ of behavioural cause and effect has had on them and the species they represent.

There is a final section which explores the beings of legend and of ‘hidden history’ and which draws together the themes and lessons previously covered; along with examples of how we continue to harm our home planet and some of the methods, spiritual and otherwise, that may help to heal Her.

This is a fascinating and thought provoking book for anyone who wishes to walk with White Spirit Animals, find guidance and answers in the dreaming of them and explore their message of C.P.R. for the Earth.

J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus D.H.L. White Spirit Animals: Prophets of Change. Bear & Company (October 2017). ISBN: 9781591432470

Reviewed by Martin Pallot for Indie Shaman Magazine and published in Issue 36.

Indie Shaman Book Review of White Spirit Animals